Structured Cabling

Our service of structured cabling is designed to interconnect technological devices to form a safe, fast and efficient network in all company.

Types Structured Cabling Services:

  • Horizontal cabling.
  • Vertical Cabling.
  • Structured Cabling Service in Category 5, 5e and category 6.
  • Trunking.
  • Installation of Cabinets.
  • Standardization of products with a single brand.
  • Certification of structured cabling.

Advantages of Structured Cabling

  • The maintenance of structured cabling is economic, simple and reliable.
  • Support all current and future technologies.
  • Easy administration.
  • Allows many network services (voice, data, video, etc.) with the same facility.

We are strategic partners of the main brands of printers of the country: