Print Outsourcing

This service is aimed at companies that want to control and reduce operating costs of printing, copying and scanning of documents. With this service, we guarantee optimum print quality and operational continuity of printing equipment. This way, your company can focus on its own business activities, knowing that their activities are being delegated to a specialist printing.

The components of printing outsourcing service are the following:

  • Installation of printing equipment in the necessary amount for the development of the service.
  • Toner supply for the operation of the printing equipment.
  • Supply maintenance kits (set of parts).
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of the printing equipment.
  • Technical support for the problemas that may appear in the printing equipment.
  • It will be provided a software to control printings, copies and scans per user.
  • It will be provided a monitoring system GLPI (web monitoring incidents).
  • It will be provided backup equipment.

We are strategic partners of the main brands of printers of the country: