It Equipment Diagnosis and Repair

The integral service of diagnosis, maintenance and repair of diverse computer equipment developed by CLASTEC S.A.C as an alternative line of solution, ends up being a very important aspect within the work system for companies. For this reason, special care is taken in the provision of the service with specialized personnel in continuous and preventive maintenance. The main objective of our service is to keep the computer equipment constantly active, generating live times for the company.

For the development of this service, CLASTEC has defined three levels of customer service:

1. On-site service:

  • Our service engineers will attend and repair any problem of your computer equipment at your facilities. Our usual response time is 4 hours (depending on the availability of our technicians) from the time the call is received.

2. Carry in service

  • The customers will be able to send their equipment to our facilities for the diagnostic service and corresponding repairs. As soon as the equipment becomes operative, they will be returned and installed in the corresponding user positions for the optimal use and operation.

3. Training for users:

  • Additionally, our company is concerned about the people who will use the computer equipment in general, so we have engineers and technicians specialized in each of the types of computer equipment. Likewise, we provide training in our facilities or in the client's with our own equipment for the correct use of them. This will generate better use of the equipment and avoid additional costs for damages.

Finally, a preventive service for diagnosis and repair of computer equipment can be of great benefit to your company for the following reasons:

  • Prolonging the useful life of equipment.
  • Savings on costly repairs or replacement of equipment.
  • Cleaning and dust removal from inside and outside of equipment.
  • Significant reduction in equipment’s failure risks.
  • Upgraded and refurbished equipment.
  • Faster and more efficient equipment.
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