Document Digitalization

The development of our customer service provides quick accessibility of physical documents to digital documents.

Main advantages of our digitalization service:

  • Reduction of physical space, which occupy different equipment that may be required for the service.
  • Best-kept documentation, restricting access to files to authorized personnel only.
  • Saving time by scanning files that is required by the customer and service delivery to customer premises avoiding dead hours.
  • The virtual documentation is available immediately and simultaneously to several people at once without physical copies.
  • Ease of distribution of digital content through e-mail or other electronic systems without sent physical copies.

Stages of our scanning service:

1. Analysis

Analysis of the needs of the company and the type and quantity of documents to be scanned. They are all points discussed in detail to provide a budget that 100% suits the needs of your company.

2. Safe Transport

We have our own mobile units.

3. Preparation of documentation

This section is considered critical for the correct result of the digitization project and includes items such as unpicking, split, removal of adhesives, desempastado, among others.
The scanning process is done, according to customer requirements.

4. Scanning

Always with professional, high speed and reliability offering that requires these features process equipment.
The scanning process is done, according to customer requirements.
This process may include:

  • Image Capture.
  • Data Capture.
  • OCR.

5. Quality Control

  • Verification of the quality of scanned documents.

6. Indexing

  • If the customer wants to, we proceed to index the documents according to his specifications.

7. Fedateo

  • This process is performed only if the scanning service has legal value.

8. Recording and storage of information

  • It can be done on DVD's, hard drives or other devices.
  • If you want a quotation, leave your details and we will contact you.
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